Recruitment Platform for Part-Time Job Seekers

A recruitment platform for the human resources industry to help connect part-time job seekers and employers through end-to-end services.


The client wanted us to design, develop and implement a unique recruitment platform with a focus on part-time employment, available in Web, Android and iOS. The platform would serve as a marketplace with end-to-end services to connect part-time job seekers and companies looking to have a temporary job done.


We had to make the platform easy to navigate, use and manage, as well as provide clear distinction between user groups. In order to achieve that goal, we had to develop a Company Admin system that would approve posted vacancies and new accounts of employers and seekers, providing admins with full control over the employment process and related procedures.


In the course of development, our team used Python for back end, Angular Universal for front end and Ionic for hybrid mobile app development. We utilized Gitlab tools and effectively configured back end with the mobile applications to ensure the system is easy to use and runs smoothly on every platform requested by our client – Web, Android and iOS. The platform’s functionality includes, but is not limited to one-time password login system, time tracking, job monitoring, vacancy and candidate search engine, employment and settlement mechanisms. We succeeded in implementing all the required functionality for users to enjoy the convenience of every step of the job hunt and employment processes.


Our deep expertise in software development and testing enabled us to complete the project in 10 weeks and accomplish the client’s goal of providing users with the smoothest part-time employment experience from start to finish. We managed to build a platform that will help companies, recruiters and part-time job seekers access all the human resource processes and carry out all the related procedures without ever leaving the platform. Our team designed a perfect solution to connect people based on employers’ predefined hiring criteria and employees’ preferences for a desired position.



Tools and Technologies