Meal Planning Application

A social platform for people who love food and would like to create a positive relationship with their body.

About the project:

QArea was asked to build a social platform for people who love food and would like to create a positive relationship with their body. This should allow people to draw up a nutrition plan, helping them to organize a rational and profitable diet. In addition, the application should allow users to share their preferences with other members of the community, allowing them to sell/buy any selected item from the proposed dishes. Items can be selected taking recommendations from other users or from their personal choice. 


QArea team had been actively involved in every stage of the project development. It includes the building of the server side of the application, UI/UX, and QA maintenance within all stages of the development. We also had to realize the overall app logic along the user-friendly and intuitive UX/UI which were crucial for the social aspect of the platform. Also, special attention was paid to the transparency and a robust management support.


The development team included a project manager, a tech lead and solution architect, two frontend developers, an IOS developer, and a QA engineer. As the general business requirements were defined by our client, we have applied management and business solutions based on our own experience and tech expertise. The development process had taken four months.

We have used Golang and React Native programming languages for the server-side of the application. To make it fast and ensure its seamless user experience, we have chose the powerful capabilities of React.js. GitLab and Jenkins hosting services have been used to provide management assistance and to automate the development processes. Agile flexibility along with efficient management tools have given us the clear and transparent communication between the development team and our clients. We have used Skype for daily basis calls, and the e-mails for files and the project data transferring.


Due to cohesive work both the development team and the client, the project was realized in a short period of time and within the budget limits. Now the project is at the commercial stage that allows us to get feedback from real users. The client is satisfied with a solution delivered.